A couple of years ago I went on a short journey to Montpellier in southern France. I fell in love with the city and walked around taking pictures – especially of „No Skateboarding“ signs. Back in Vienna I was sitting in a coffeehouse and knew that it was time to turn an old idea into


Brutal Beauty invites young artists to contribute pieces of their work to our collection. One piece by every artist is taken as design for our skateboard series. Each board comes with a booklet containing a small print of the original work, information about the artist and


Most of us grew up skateboarding in a small town in southern Austria where we spent lots of afternoons in backyards, parking garages and bus stops. Almost 20 years later skateboarding still plays an important part in our lives. Skateboarding had a strong influence on our


Brutal Beauty designs and produces wearables based on the work of our artists. All our clothes are fabricated under fair and sustainable conditions and are made of 100 % bio-cotton. Great attention is paid to an environmentally sound and sustained production which